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Business Lawyers

Whether a Sub-Chapter C Corporation, Sub-Chapter S Corporation, Partnership, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Company, we can help you set up a business entity that can result in both significant tax savings and limited liability. The effect is not only greater profitability but the protection of your assets. We are also experienced in helping you address the myriad issues facing business owners before those issues arise.

Wright Business Law Attorneys have a wide range of responsibilities when it comes to setting up and managing business entities. Not only do we need to be familiar with the latest legal regulations and trends, but we must also understand our client’s specific needs and goals. Wright Business Lawyers can assist clients in the following areas:

Business Formation

 Wright Business Lawyers help structure a business entity such as a Sub-Chapter C Corporation, Sub-Chapter S Corporation, Partnership, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Company. We advise on the best structure for each clients’ unique needs, such as providing asset protection for owners or limiting liability for members. Then we’ll ensure all necessary documents are in place and properly executed so that the new business is compliant with applicable laws.

Business Agreements and Contracts

Our business lawyers can draft all types of agreements related to a company’s operations, including customer service agreements, vendor contracts, non-disclosure agreements, licensing agreements and more. We are knowledgeable on any relevant local or federal laws that may apply to these documents so that they meet all compliance requirements when reviewing or drafting contracts.

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Construction Law


When you are dealing with any sort of construction project, it is important to have a lawyer that is experienced in the area of construction law. Construction law requires knowledge of contracts, zoning laws, liens, property rights and other legal issues related to building or remodeling projects. Constructions lawyers specialize in helping their clients negotiate deals, draft contracts, handle disputes, draft documents, and other legal work related to construction projects.


When deciding when you need a construction law attorney for your project, there are several categories to consider. If you are an owner of a property that is undertaking major renovations or new construction, it is important to have a lawyer review all contracts and ensure the terms are fair and equitable. This is especially important if you are entering into a contract with a general contractor or subcontractor.


If you are an architect, engineer, contractor, or other professional involved in the construction process, it is important to have legal counsel on hand to help manage any problems that may arise from misunderstanding or disputes related to your work. A construction lawyer can help negotiate contracts to ensure all parties are legally protected and provide advice when disputes arise.