Business Lawyers

Whether a Sub-Chapter C Corporation, Sub-Chapter S Corporation, Partnership, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Company, we can help you set up a business entity that can result in both significant tax savings and limited liability. The effect is not only greater profitability but the protection of your assets. We are also experienced in helping you address the myriad issues facing business owners before those issues arise.

Wright Law Offices, PLLC can assist clients in the following areas: 

Business Formation

 Wright Law Offices, PLLC can help structure a business entity to meet our client’s unique needs, whether it be a Sub-Chapter “C” Corporation, Sub-Chapter “S” Corporation, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company.

Business Agreements and Contracts

Our business lawyers can draft agreements necessary to our client’s business operations, including customer service agreements, vendor contracts, non-disclosure agreements, licensing agreements and more.