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Welcome to Wright Law Idaho’s blog, where attorney Steven J. Wright shares valuable insights and practical advice on estate planning, business formation, elder law, probate, and Medicaid planning. With a creative tone and unwavering commitment to honesty and respect, Steven dives deep into topics such as estate control, protecting your family, aging parents, divorce’s impact on estate plans, and comprehensive planning. Stay informed and prepared with Steven J. Wright’s informative blog.

Estate Planning

Are you Prepared to Step In?

Are you Prepared to Step In?

I read an article published in the Wall Street Journal® titled “The Difficult, Delicate Untangling of Our Parents’ Lives.”   The author and his wife were in their 50s and dealing with the challenges of parents too incapacitated to handle their own affairs. ...

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Medicaid Planning

Business Law

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Life Estate?”

Last column, I posed the example of a second marriage in which the husband moved into the house already owned by his new spouse. When she dies, what right does he have to continue living in that home? If he continues to live there, what effect will this have on her...

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